I'm Emily and this is my sweet niece, Heather.  Born in Florida and mostly raised, I went to USF St. Pete where I earned a BA in Political Science.  Realizing I wasn't going to Law school I started my career in non-profit.  Which I found success but the creativity was always missing.  My other passion is cooking and sharing that with my husband Scott. Hopefully one day my daughter Grace too, but she sure does love a tater tot!  

My fire was reignited for photography after Grace was born and realizing this is what I had to do.  My goal is to capture and create beautiful photos for you that are classic and timeless.  I started a love affair with film in the dark room at college.  After Grace came along it turned into so much more.  Natural light is my friend and I absolutely hate to miss a sunset.  

I am always up for something spontaneous and fun at any given moment.  So give me a call and let's meet up!